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Working with Thrive, we were interested in exploring fresh, clean, upbeat logo design concepts to be used in various formats.

This logo for Thrive Café in Seattle has been included in The Best Nature Logo Designs by DesignRush:

"Standout Features:

  • Versatile design

  • Sleek, sans-serif typography

  • Stylish leaf icon

Thrive Café's nature-inspired logo, created by Kevin J. Hawley, embodies calmness and versatility. It is easily adaptable to different backgrounds, whether light or dark colored, making it convenient for use on various marketing materials.

The logo features a distinctive leaf icon in green. Below it sits the brand name in all capital letters. The agency uses a combination of thick and thin fonts to emphasize the brand name. This design move adds a fresh and trendy look to the logo.

Overall, the logo design helps Thrive Café maintain a consistent look across channels and assets, ensuring people can easily recognize and remember the café."

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